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Jul 29 2022 -
Server is ONLINE
Hello dear people, i would like to invite everyone to try my :Vanagas creation of Evotronus 10.98+Custom/Crazy/Fun/RPG/PVP/Long Term server

IP: evotron.us ( website is fixing up, patience please)
PORT: 7171
Client: 10.98 Based(Custom/OTCV8) download client at our website

Login and try it out and tell the opinion please

The server is building up, and its Teleport/Rpg/Explore Based server, with means, there will be spawnws that you can go tho teleports, and spawns that you have to find by exploring the main land map. There will be quests teleports but aswell in main land there will be tons of hidden and not hidden quests to explore ( never forget your machete or picK).

Aswell there will be psychodelic teleporation drink system, that will allow you to teleport to your unnlocked places. Its costy tho...

There is monsters level system, example
Rotworm 0-10 lvl
If rotworm is lvl 5 it means it will give you 50% more loot, exp, but also it will have 50% demage and 100% more health.

Rotworm lvl 30 means its 300% exp, loot bonus, but also 300% more demage and 600% more health.

and so on...

The player starts with no vocation at main city temple, and hes first mission is basicaly to get vocation, and to do that player need 15-22 lvl, i recomend higher lvl(22) you speak the oracle to fly to island of test.

At none vocation player gain more health, mana, cap on level up, so its good to leave to test island with lvl 22, but as i mention you can speak to oracle at lvl 15-22 , so you decide.

Players attack speed is getting higher by double on every vocation advance, with means from none vocation - to vocation, atack speed increase by 100%.

Potions heals much more, and there will be many custom runes and aswell mana runes, and more about those....

Custom spells, right now we have only 4 custom spells, but within days there will be many more, the main goal is to arhcive 100 uniq spells for every vocation in the 10 year time. And aswell we are positive for custom vocations to create, we have something in mind but still lack of ideas, want to give cool ideas post on forum

There is many custom item attributes and many upgrading abilitys around the game to be explored in near future, now alot of stuff in testing mode. Within time alot things will come, and every player playing will motivate for every update to be sooner

There will be many bosses to be explore in the main map and also bosses reachable ty teleports in depot of main city.

The bosses in main aread can be found and gain additional info about loot by command !bosses

Reward Chest, boss loot will be saved in your personal reward chest, ofc it can be such looted direcly from monster, reward chest curently located at main city temple.

Pvp Broadcast system, means that every pvp will be broadcasted to the world.

Many custom items to advance in power, just explore, 1 exaple will be in your starter bp (Pigeon trophy).

And ofc in future, much much more to come, its just a beggining.

I may forgotten something to tell, but everything can be explore in game

Have nice time trying Evotronus out, give your feedback!

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