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May 02 2024 -
Server Opening!

Evotronus isn't just a game; it's a passion project. Born from the ashes of Warfare server, Evotronus is the phoenix rising from the flames!

Server Starting At 2023.10.27 19 CET(GMT+2)

Base info:

Website: Evotron.us

IP: evotron.us

Port: 7171

Client: 10.98 Based(Custom/OTCV8) download client at our website

PvP Level: 40

Kills To Red Skull: 5

Kills To Black Skull: 10

Pz lock for killing player: 15 min

Normal pz lock: 1 min

Join Us on This Epic Journey

Now, the moment has come. Evotronus is ready to welcome you into its embrace. Explore, conquer, and experience a world like no other. Images cannot fully capture the magic that awaits you, but they give you a glimpse into the wonder.

Are you ready to embark on this grand adventure? Evotronus awaits you, and it's calling your name.

Extra info

  • Server is Explore+Teleports Based!

  • Server has only 1 main town Evotronus and always will stay like this!

  • Server has over 800 quests in whole server!

  • Many spawns to explore and find in teleports!

  • Don't Forget to watch minimap for marks!

  • Over 40 Uniq Quests!

  • Server has over 10 keys for doors to find and much more will be added!

  • Remember if you don't say bye to npc's they will burn you!



  • Skilling: 10

  • Magic: 3

  • Experience: Custom( Npcs, monster levels, boosts and more are influencing experience rates) Rates can also say are MID/HIGH

  • Loot: 2

Premium Features:

  • 10% more experience gain on green stamina

  • Can buy house


You  first login/Start in Tutorial Galaxy there you can little bit learn the game, collect over 11 stat points get starting weapons, after Tutorial Galaxy you go straight into main town of Evotronus temple.


So as you complete Tutorial Galaxy, you are now prepared to explore huge world of Evotronus,  first i recomend to take and do atlist some tasks at npc 'Ghuga Ghi' as you can do hes tasks only with no vocation.

So with no vocation your main goal is to get 22 level and go to Pather npc at Dragonia Temple( Check minimap it has marks showing things like dragonia temple).

Pather npc will let you choose vocation and will send you to 'Vocation Test Mountain', on this place you will get alot new items some stat points, and will be faced with challanges to complete, if you die in this 'Vocation take quest' you will reset back to the moment you start talk to npc that gave you vocation. Vocation test is complete, then player leaves the mountain.

Playaible Vocations: 10x

Upcoming New Vocations: 3x( 1 new family line is coming to life)

Vocations are based on familie lines :

Sorcerer family: This family line uses wands.

  • Sorcerer

  • Mage

  • Summoner - Summoning vocation, that can use hes summons to hunt and do all... (UPCOMING not possible to play yet)

Druid family: This family line uses rods.

  • Druid

  • Botanist - Different Summoning vocation, that can use hes summons to attack, heal and more.... (UPCOMING not possible to play yet)

  • Venomic - Has special poisonous spells...

Paladin family:

  • Paladin - Weapons are only crossbows + bolts. Also paladin cannot wear shields as it must wear quiver in shield spot, also quivers gives extra powers!

  • Archer - Weapons are only bows + arrows. Also archer cannot wear shields as it must wear quiver in shield spot, also quivers gives extra powers!

  • Assassin - Weapons are only all kind of spears, throwing knife, stars. It can use shields

Knight Family:

  • Knight - Knight cannot use spell like 'utito tempo' or 'utamo tempo' or 'exeta res' for example.... Weaponary: Clubs/Swords/Axes

  • Tank - Tanks can use spell like 'utamo tempo' or 'exeta res' for example... Weaponary: Clubs/Swords/Axes

  • Berserker - Berserker can use 'utito tempo' for example.... Also Berserker cannot use shields and uses special axe weapons. Weaponary:Special Berserker Axes.

Vocations Gains On Level Up:

Sorcerer Family Line:

  • Sorcerer: gaincap="30" gainhp="50" gainmana="300"

  • Master Sorcerer: gaincap="30" gainhp="70" gainmana="430"


  • Summoner: gaincap="30" gainhp="50" gainmana="300"

  • Barbaric Summoner: gaincap="30" gainhp="70" gainmana="430"


  • Mage: gaincap="30" gainhp="50" gainmana="300"

  • Ultra Mage: gaincap="30" gainhp="70" gainmana="430"

Druid Family Line:

  • Druid: gaincap="30" gainhp="50" gainmana="300"

  • Elder Druid: gaincap="30" gainhp="70" gainmana="430"


  • Venomic: gaincap="30" gainhp="50" gainmana="300"

  • Vomic Venomic: gaincap="30" gainhp="70" gainmana="430"

  • Botanist: gaincap="30" gainhp="50" gainmana="300"

  • Light Botanist: gaincap="30" gainhp="70" gainmana="430"

Paladin Family Line:

  • Paladin: gaincap="60" gainhp="170" gainmana="180"

  • Royal Paladin: gaincap="60" gainhp="220" gainmana="280"


  • Archer: gaincap="60" gainhp="170" gainmana="180"

  • Grand Archer: gaincap="60" gainhp="220" gainmana="280"


  • Assassin: gaincap="60" gainhp="200" gainmana="150"

  • Tronic Assassin: gaincap="60" gainhp="280" gainmana="220"

Knight Family Line:

  • Knight: gaincap="75" gainhp="250" gainmana="100"

  • Elite Knight: gaincap="75" gainhp="350" gainmana="150"


  • Tank: gaincap="75" gainhp="320" gainmana="30"

  • Pramanus Tank: gaincap="75" gainhp="450" gainmana="50"


  • Berserker: gaincap="75" gainhp="200" gainmana="150"

  • Warlord Berserker: gaincap="75" gainhp="320" gainmana="180"

Vocations normal regeneration:

  • NoneVocation: 10 Hp/sec, 10 Mp/sec


Sorcerer Family Line:

  • Sorcerer: 10hp/sec, 20Mp/sec >> Master Sorcerer: 10hp/sec, 50mp/sec

  • Summoner: 10hp/sec, 20Mp/sec >>Barbaric Summoner:10hp/sec, 50mp/sec

  • Mage: 10hp/sec, 20Mp/sec >> Ultra Mage: 10hp/sec, 50mp/sec

Druid Family Line:

  • Druid:10hp/sec, 20Mp/sec >>Elder Druid: 10hp/sec, 50mb/sec

  • Venomic: 10hp/sec, 20Mp/sec >>Vomic Venomic: 10hp/sec, 50mb/sec

  • Botanist: 10hp/sec, 20Mp/sec >> Light Botanist: 10hp/sec, 50mb/sec

Paladin Family Line:

  • Paladin: 15hp/sec, 15mp/sec >>Royal Paladin: 30hp/sec, 30mp/sec

  • Assassin: 20hp/sec, 10mp/sec >> Tronic Assassin: 35hp/sec, 25mp/sec

  • Archer: 15hp/sec, 15mp/sec >> Grand Archer: 30hp/sec, 30mp/sec

Knight Family Line:

  • knight: 20hp/sec, 10mp/sec >> Elite Knight: 40hp/sec, 20mp/sec

  • Tank: 25hp/sec, 5mp/sec >> Pramanus Tank: 45hp/sec, 15mp/sec

  • Berserker: 15hp/sec, 15mp/sec >> Warlord Berserker: 35hp/sec, 25mp/sec


Uniq Stats Points system

In this system you can upgrade your character in many many ways, if you didint liked how you spend stat points on your custom stats to get, you can always reset your stat points with 'Stats Reset Potion'

There are over 500 quests(in quests house/tp and exploreaible area) for stats points in the server from 1 to 50 stats points to gain from quest.

Exclusive Bonus items

This items can be found around exploreaible map and also in quest room/tp,

This items on use can give 500-5000 health or mana by your choose.

There is over 30 items that gives it and numbers still growing! 

Regeneration Points System

The character can advance in its custom healing every 10 second.

So this heal happens every 10 seconds.

1 regeneration poiint - 10 health or mana.

All the quests for regeneration point now gives 1 point to health and mana meaning it will heal 10hp 10 mana every 10 seconds.

So if player has 10 points he will heal 100hp/mp every 10 seconds.

This healing is custom and stacks with normal vocation healing.


Mounts System

Mounts are more than mere companions. Each mount grants an additional 10 walking speed points. Wear any mount, and your walking speed bonus adds up.

Meaning if you have totaly unlocked 10 mounts and you wear any mount you will get 100 walking speed bonus. 


Addons System

Addons like mounts stacks up, by having 1 outfit with full addons you get extra 1k health and mana, also gives 0.1% protection all and 0.5% Healing bonus.

Meaning if you have fully 10x full addons completed and you wear any of them in full outfit, you will get 10k hp/mp, 1% protection all% and 5% healing boost

Time Tokens System

If player is online 30 minutes - he recieve 3x time tokens.

Time tokens can be changed for items at npc at ' daily things' teleport in main house

Also time tokens used to buy special items like Exclusive Bonus items, or stat points items...

Monsters Levels

All monsters are in levels, some are in higher some in lower...

Example normal 0 lvl demon is like regular demon, and 10 lvl demon will be 200% stronger, 100% more faster, 100% more Hp, 100% more exp, 100% more loot

So more explain on what 1 level gives:

20% more power has

10% more walk speed has

10% more hp has

10% exp icreased

10% loot icreased

Nearly Highest And Highest monster levels

Nearly(1 lvl to highest) highest level monster is - Orange Skulled and can drop extra custom loot by chance + scaling with monster MaxHealth(more hp has orange skulled monster more chance of more custom valued loot drooped. 

Highest level monster is - Red Skulled has more chance and higher chances on droping custom loot.

Eternal Flame or Experience Tornados System

By killing monsters by MaxHealth range, you got chance to spawn experience tornado, with has countdown on it, if you step on it in time, you will get easy math to solve, and by solving you will get Experience x your level.

There are 5 different exp tornados to step on, and higher HP monsters are killed, more chance of spawning higher grade exp tornado with means much more experience!


Psychodelic drinks aka "teleport potion"


This item can bring you to one of the Safe Houses You Found While Exploring.

Can be used to teleport to your or your friend house!

Can be used to teleport to main house in Evotronus or Stamina treiners in main city.

To teleport to any of locations, you need checkpoints found first.

Cannot be used if player has pz and being atacked, if you are safe and using this potion within 15 sec you will be teleported, timecountdown is shown on player, if you meanwhile get attacked by monster or player, the teleportation process will cancel.

Huge Upgrade items system

With thiis sytem you can upgrade any of your EQ(amulet,  helmet, bp, legs, armor, ring, ammo, shield, wep, boots)

Every item can have max 8 Slots Meaning can have 8 different or even same stats added in item

Bonus stats that you can add in item:

Bonus health

Bonus Mana

Bonus of any skill

Bonus Regeneration of health or mana.

Trapped Energy system

If you got lets say 1% chance for trapped energy it means that on killing any monster you got 1% chance to spawn a trapped energy of same monster you hunt.

For example you hunt dragons and have this 1% chance, so i got 1% chance to spawn a trapped energy of dragons, if i click this trapped energy of dragons it spawns 3-7 Dragons on spot.

Bonus Demage system

On stats points system you can upgrade your Bonus demage %%, from all sources you do, also there is and will be many much more items/eq with gives Bonus Demage %

Bonus Healing system

On stats points system you can upgrade your Bonus healing %%, with increases your healings from all sources, also there is and will be many much more items/eq with gives Bonus Healing%

Dodge System

Dodge system, like everyone knows it gives you a chance% to avoid aka dodge the upcoming hit,  you can upgrade your dodge% chance also in stats points system, and there is and will be much more items that increases chance% of dodge.

Reflection system

This system reflects upcoming demage to the demage sender, example player A shots sd with 100 demage to player B(with has 10% of reflection), so player A will get 10 SD demage back. Works on monsters and players.

Reflection Chance % can be upgraded in stats points system, also there is and will be many much more items/eq with gives Reflection channce%

Premium Points Mashines

On Server now is 5x premium points mashines.

Clicking on 1 premium point mashine will give you 2 premium points, and this premium point mashine can be used again in 2 hours.

If reward is taken from premium point mashine another player cannot take it, reward is global who take it first gets it.

So now 5x mashines in server meaning 10 premium points can be taken every 2 hours.

Daily Chests

All the daily reward chests can be found in ' daily room/teleport' with you can find in main house of Evotronus

In there are 3x Daily differently reachaible chests, 1 by doing 3x ppl arena, another just simple run while being attacked by monsters, and the last simple take the reward. This chests can give premium points, money, or random other valued items.

Friday Chest

This chest can be reached by completing some mission and reward taken only on fridays! This chest can on highest chances money, on lower upgrader items and more..

Uniq Search boss system ( That helps alot  to explore the map ) 

This system activated with command /bosses, in there will be information/hint given on every boss

Also there is listed online(active) bosses, you can see what every boss drops also you can exiva the boss to find it.

First time boss kill system

If you kill boss first time from /bosses , you can get 1-10x stats points, depending on boss level! Example The Snapper gives 1 stat point.

Also works for all raid bosses.

Some bosses from raid example 'Apocalypse' can give stat points on every kill!


Raids are worthy to hunt if you want to get richer! Raids monsters and bosses ussualy drop more loot then normal creatures or bosses, some raid bosses that spawns can be found in command/system /bosses

Dark Cubes Decrafting

By hunting bosses you got chance to loot dark cubes, these dark cubes can be decrafted at top floor at main house in Evotronus, min lvl 150

By decrafting this dark cube you can get on highest chance 'unworthy dark cube with doesnt worth anything' on lower chance is ' dark cube with holds power of 1 stat point( this item can be used max 250x times) or the lowest chance is to get dark energy coin, i guess most worthy coin in game now.


And much more is not mentioned here that can be explore in game!

I am giving lots of hours everyday for Evotronus and will continue doing it!

Please if have any questions or noticing something speak up to me or comment!

I hope you have fun!

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Port: 7171
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